A Well Done Steak

It takes 14 minutes for a well done steak. If you don’t want to wait, then you will receive medium or rare. That’s just common logic. Same goes for timelines, if you are hasty, it will show…somewhere.

At the very beginning of every marketing/advertising/graphic design campaign came the initial thought. This further developed into the actual campaign itself, with many hours and people involved.

But from a Production perspective, all these hours tend to get gobbled up in approval processes, creative processes or meetings. Then, when it gets to the crew who have to execute either a website, email campaign or game, there’s no time for quality control.

Makes sense then if there are typos, broken links, incompatibility issues and functionality problems. Quality control is an absolute must and time must be allotted at the initial phase of the project or campaign for this to be done. There are several layers involved when checking digital media and allowing time for this process to happen is just as crucial. Not only do you investigate the entire project, you need to have a reporting structure in place for documenting your findings. Then the developers need time to go through the findings, fix them and return an edited project for review again. Fixing one problem could end up creating a new problem so this will indeed take up more time again.

Everyone is always in a hurry. It didn’t used to be so. Are we just trying to do more with less time? Are we panicking about missing out on something? Rushing just won’t produce a fool proof, perfectly executed project. Right from the beginning, allow that extra time into the workflow for Quality control. It “is” important.