Hi there, thanks for enquiring “about” qctoronto’s blog.

The photo above was taken early on a Spring morning from my balcony. If you are from Toronto you are very familiar with this skyline. If not, this city is a beautiful one and you should try to visit sometime. Especially up the CN Tower. Awesome view!

QC Toronto’s blog is just an offshoot of QCToronto.com. A place where we can share expertise, guidance, insights and issues regarding Digital Quality Control practices.

The main page is a simple page which is what I wanted. I’m not the type of person to talk a lot about what I can do, I would rather just do it. I have always believed that actions speak louder than words.

But if you must know a bit about how QC Toronto developed then here is a brief history.

QC Toronto was established by Leesa McLellan. That’s me. And I have 30 years in the production side of graphic design and advertising. I started off at a small typesetting company and learned the trade. I had a knack for drawing so I began with Illustrator 88. From there I moved to learning typesetting. 30 years and many hats later I am now checking digital ads, emails, enewsletters, microsites, webpages and sometimes the odd Facebook or mobile game.

I do like the challenges that arise in Digital although sometimes they can be quite frustrating. The technology is constantly evolving and never stays still thus keeping you on your toes like a ballerina. But the principles of presenting information stays the same. Representing your company, product or service will always entail words, pictures and sounds. How those are put together on the web is the fun part.