First Impressions

Have you ever paid attention to that little voice that pops up when scanning a website or ad online? The one that might say, “Ewwww, that doesn’t look too good” or “Geez, there’s a typo!” Then your judgement of that business has slightly changed. Maybe not so much as to change your decision to deal with them, however, it’s still a first impression that might resonate later down the road.

As a business in today’s economic climate, first impressions are extremely important. You won’t always get a second chance to prove your service or that your product is worth the customer’s time or money.

Always check, check then check again! What you say, how you say it and how it might be perceived. I know it’s not fair to be judged so quickly, but it is a human trait that we have whether we are aware of it or not at the time it’s taking place.

If you are planning a campaign, allow enough time to “ponder”. Walk away from it for a day or two then return. You may view it in a different light with a different perspective. If you can introduce your campaign to outsiders who are not involved, but remain confidential, then go for it. All you need from them is to know what their first impression was which will provide you with very valuable data.

What you choose to do with that data, well, that’s totally up to you!