Forest for the Trees

It’s happened to us all. We have our head wrapped up so much in wanting to impress that we think we have covered everything. But when the time comes, either we discover it ourselves or it’s pointed out to us that a very important component was missed.

Dang! I hate it when that happens.

However, I do understand how and why. We get consumed with certain details which obscure some important areas that others see in an instant. And those are usually the people who are not so involved. Whether it’s someone within your company, but in a different department or someone outside of your company. 
It’s always good practice to let another set of eyes view your work prior to putting it out there for the world to see.

I remembered one time many years ago a Blue Chip client was running a campaign using sport and movie celebrities for ads, posters and OOH billboards. One image showed a sports celebrity standing in a particular way while wearing black pleated pants. The pleats were folding in a particularly odd way. This image
 was already approved by the client, the Art Director as well as all the Account team.
 When I saw the image, there was one thing that jumped out at me which would have been quite embarrassing for both the celeb and the client. I mentioned it and all agreed. It was retouched out immediately.
 Can’t imagine what would have happened if that went up on a billboard and others like
 me, saw what I saw.

It doesn’t take much to overlook something when you have been nurturing ideas for months on end. Let someone else have a look and you may save yourself embarrassment that might be very costly to your finances or to your reputation.

Which would you regard as being the worst?