When should QC hop in?

I am no Guru when it comes to QC’ing websites. I have done several over the years, but definitely not enough to make me a Guru. But when I have been delegated the task, one thing always comes to mind. Why wasn’t I involved sooner?

So, here are my two cents on the matter of when should QC hop into the website development process.

Planning and Design can be done without QC. But when all is ready for the Development team, THIS is when QC should get involved.

QC can check the copy deck for typos, double word spaces and anything that would raise an eyebrow. It’s easier and quicker to fix it in a Word document than in pages of code. Plus, what you pay a QC person or copywriter is quite different than what you pay a developer.

QC can check the layouts against the wireframes to ensure they jive with each other. Maybe there is something in the wireframe that wasn’t added to the layout. Which does the developer follow? Rather than halt the process, it’s best to get these issues dealt with first before the coding begins. Also, is the layout compliant with WCAG 2.0 Level A? If not, once again, it’s better to address this before coding begins since the developers will be using all the specs from the layouts such as colour/fonts etc.

If 80% of the basic issues get resolved prior to development, you will save both time and money by getting QC involved early in the process.

I’m sure the development team would love a clean copy deck along with thoroughly organized layouts that match the wireframes and vice versa.