Quality Control Testing for

Fortune 500 companies consisting of:

• Animated Banners (Flash/GIF) 
• Emails 
• eNewsletters 
• Landing Pages 
• Websites 
• Microsites 
• CMS Updates 
• Facebook Apps, Games and/or Contests 

Let’s keep it simple.

You just need someone to check your ad material prior to millions of eyes looking at it. You need to make sure it’s checked for embarrassing typos, brand consistency, functionality and that it truly does what it’s supposed to do. And most importantly, to do this all in a reasonable amount of time and to stay within budget.

Well... that’s what we do.

Below are just snippets of blog topics that will give you an idea of how we think. At the very bottom is our contact information if you would like more info or to receive our rate card pricing. We will return your request ASAP because time matters in this business.

First Impressions

How you appear digitally sends a message to your visitors. A spontaneous evaluation is made of your business profile and attention to detail. Every little bit matters because the small stuff really does count.

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Forest for the Trees

When you’re the one heavily involved in a project the possibility of missing something completely obvious has been proven many times. Don’t miss the forest. It’s there, but you may need someone else to see it.

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A Well Done Steak

It takes 14 minutes for a well done steak. If you don’t want to wait, then you will receive medium or rare. That’s just common logic. Same goes for timelines, if you are hasty, it will show...somewhere.

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